Essentially PRGF®-Endoret® (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) is a PRP (Plasma rich protein). This term is applied to any process reffering to the extraction of plasma from a blood sample. The common name for this process, and it’s use in facial rejuvination and anti-ageing treatments, is ‘Vampire Facelift.’

The treatment works by using the growth factors and healing agents found in the patients own blood and stimulating the natural production of the bodies own collagen, elastin and fillers (to reduce wrinkles), by increasing hydration to the skin and improving circulation, bringing a greater supply of nutrients to the surface of your skin.

This results in an increase in firmness and elasticity, retained moisture, significant reduction in wrinkles, improved texture, touch, tone, colour, brightness and luminosity.

All combining to improve the overall appearance of your skin

Not all treatments and the processing of the blood sample are alike. The main differences are;

  1. PRGF® is 100% natural. Other PRP systems use animal products to activate the plasma. Typically this is Bovine (cow) thrombin.
  2. At NaturalSkn we treat the whole face, other systems only treat certain areas.
  3. PRGF is licenced for use in the face, neck, chest and hands as an anti-aging treatmment. 
  4. PRGF uses a smaller blood sample.
  5. The centrifugal process has been researched extensively to provide the optimum concentrations of growth factors and platelets to provide the best possible end results.
  6. Fewer treatments are required and the results last longer.
  7. PRGF®-Enoret® has CE (European) and FDA (American) certification for use in facial treatments. Most other PRP systems are only licenced for use in trauma and orthopedic surgery.
  8. The process is backed by 15 years of extensive research by the BTI research institute in Spain.
  9. All clinicians who provide the treatment have been specially trained and certified by BTI at their institute in Spain

It is recommended that 3 initial treatments are given, 3-4 weeks apart. After this 1 or 2 treatments per year will be required to maintain the desired effects. However, this can be tailored to individual requirements, age, skin tone, lifestyle, etc may effect the timings of the treatments.

Generally you will see a benefit as you leave the clinic and this will become more apparent over the next few days, as the tissues start to regenerate.

There is a cumulative effect that multiplies the improvement after each treatment. This is why we reccomend 3 initial treatments to boost and maximise the benefits.

Generally the effects have subsided within 24-48hrs, however on rare occassions minor bruising may last slightly longer. This is usually concealable using natural mineral cosmetic products.

A topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to receiving the treatment. This gently numbs the outer surface of the skin reducing any discomfort to a minimum. Some patients may still experience mild transient discomfort, additional anesthesia can be given for more sensitive areas, eg lips, if required.

Botulinum is a toxin which works by paralysing the nerves of the facial muscles, it can generally can only be used on the forehead and around the eyes.  Adverse or improper use may result in temporary disfigurment and asymetrical appearance.

The hyaluronic acid used in artificial fillers is from animal or bacterial source.

PRGF®-Endoret®, however is 100% natural and harnesses your bodys own healing and regenerative properties to produce its effects.